Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I know last week was a rough one for a lot of us, and I hope everyone gets past their sicknesses and stresses much sooner than later.  I just want to say that if any of you do decide that you'd like to make a POP art piece or if anyone new would like to come in and rock out any of the previous challenges:  Go for it!  Feel free to submit any of the previous weeks' works to me any time.  I'll be sure to update the site with the new material.  I don't want anyone to feel discouraged from submitting works after the fact.  That being said, have fun watching the show tonight and I can't wait for this week's challenge!



  1. I JUST sent you my pop art challenge then came over here and read this. Thanks--I didn't mean to be so late. I'm enjoying everyone's pieces and hope more will be added.