Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Episode 6: Street Dealers (Works)

You guys, I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get this posted.  I've had the plague for about a month.  And with exception of the last few days, I spent the previous week-and-a-half doped up on Children's Benadryl and in bed.  I nearly missed Thanksgiving.  Anyway... on to the artwork!

"This is a photo I took at the Houston Arboretum in April 2008. During times of stress or frustration, I seek out places like this one. When my mind races with all the things I wish I could change, I come back to this mantra, so I put it on the wall--but only in the photo. I'm not subversive enough to ever tag someone else's property. If I did, though, I'd sign it with a ram symbol because I embrace my Aries nature."

"Welcome Home"

Artist: Kathryn Read
"The Bible study for this week is to focus on the purposes of our lives.  I believe one of the main purposes of my life is raising my kids.  Since the artists on "Work of Art" were paired up to work on a large public piece of "street art", I decided to go literal. I paired up with my neighbor girls who helped me make a chalk art drawing to welcome home my son from college."

Artist: Brad Dumm
"I went to the Palm Springs Gay Pride Parade during the first weekend in Nov. and had a great time. This drag queen was so funny! I took lots of pictures of her. For this challenge I took one of those funny pictures and photoshopped it onto a gate door in my back yard. I like the way it came out..."
Untitled for now
"Okay, so this is just the raw sketch for the street art piece I'm doing.  I haven't finished because I've been sick for what seems like forever.  I barely had the will to shower, let alone paint.  So imagine this image on a painted "brick wall" and colored in... just for now until it's finished and then I'll post the final product.  Thanks for understanding."

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