Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Episode 3: Make it Pop (Works)

"The Created vs. The Creator"

 Artist: Kathryn Read
"This week I combined the styles of Pop Art artists Andy Warhol, Jim Dine, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Indiana, and Wayne Thiebaud.  The scripture passage focus in my Bible Study group for this week was Psalm 139. With this week's Work of Art challenge, I tried to make the statement that "Pop Culture" places the focus of life on the people and things that are CREATED... entertainment, celebs, food, money, even nature and our own bodies, instead of focusing on the CREATOR...GOD."

"The Three R Movement"
 Artist: Lindsey Smolensky
"One of the biggest movements going on in popular culture today is "going green."  More and more people are getting passionate about reducing/reusing/recycling.  People are being encouraged every day to find innovative ways to reuse materials instead of creating more waste.  And in the process of doing so, many of these people are finding that they have a real passion for it.  This illustration is my commentary on that growing passion for preserving our planet."

"Before and After"
Mixed media on 8x10-inch stretched canvas

 Artist: Becky Cochrane
"There are events or moments in our lives which we recognize as "before and after" points. As a girl, I really did want to teach the world to sing and live in perfect harmony, and Coke gave my generation one of our first points of visibility in the advertising world with that song.

As part of my Bottle Caps pop art series, I show that most American icon, the Coca Cola logo, as a cluster of balloons floating away against the sky. What replaces them in my life is a different visual: white balloons released at AIDS memorial services and funerals. These five white balloons are goodbyes to my friends Steve R, Jeff C, John M, Tim R, and Pete M."


  1. Cool Lindsay, what medium did you use to make the colors?

  2. It's a graphite and ink sketch that I colored with Prismacolor Markers. Then I scanned it and digitally manipulated the color a bit and created the recycling wallpaper (which took for-ev-er, heh) to be layered behind the sketch.

    And I love all of the different homages you threw into yours!

  3. Yay! Becky submitted! And I think this is my favorite of all your bottle cap pieces, Becks. :)