Thursday, November 3, 2011

Episode 4: Back to School (Challenge)

From Bravo: "In the spirit of youthful imagination, the artists are challenged to create a piece of art inspired by the original artwork of the child they are paired with."

[See the full recap and extras on the Bravo site here]

Our Challenge: Find an original piece of artwork created by a child.  If you have kids in your life, get something from them, or you can Google image search "children's artwork" for a plethora of images.  And Rhonda came up with an excellent idea of using Methodist Hospital greeting cards, all created by child patients.  Make sure that whatever children's artwork you choose, you're able to site your source and give credit to the kid's work.  I will not post your piece if you cannot credit the child's piece.

Once you have your child's artwork to serve as inspiration, create a work of art that is inspired by and compliments your child's masterpiece.  Submit a photo of the child's artwork as well as one or two images of your final piece (and a small blurb about it) to lindseysmo(at)gmail(dot)com by 11:00am Monday.

I'm really excited about this one and I hope all of you are, too!  Have fun!

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  1. If anyone wants another place to find inspiration, they can look at some of the projects I've had school children do: