Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Final Episode: The Big Show (Works, Take I)

Artist: Sean Kramer
Twitter: N/A
"Waiting for the Subway Brush & The Climb to the Top: I originally wasn’t going to participate in the Work of Art Final Challenge, but I figured what the hell. After going to the Bayou City Arts Festival last spring, I was inspired by Audrey Heller’s Overlooked Undertakings. I wanted to use these ideas and take pictures for use in my boyfriend’s salon studio. The series is called “Cheveux”, which translates to hair in French. I wanted to show how everyday items in the salon can be pretty playful with these miniature models."

Artist: Rhonda Rubin
Twitter: The_Rhonda
"To illustrate that, even stick figures have deep-seated mommy issues stemming from childhood. I'm creating a series of drawings in which my sticks are involved in benign children's games, or sports or activities and see only their mothers. I've tentatively titled my series "Oedipus Playground," because it made me giggle. Also? It would be my band's name if I had any musical talent. I don't. I blame my mother. Unless she's reading this."

Artist: Lindsey Smolensky
Twitter: smoness
"This is a series I've had in the think tank for some time now, so I'm grateful for the Work of Art Challenge, pressing me to bring this series into fruition. The series is called "A House is Not a Home," and it's about assessing one's priorities: discovering the things that are truly important. And finding that often times, the things that matter the most to us in the end are not the things we initially strive for. The contrasts of a life filled with people instead of things, versus the large house with the unused rooms. The interpretation of "home" as a feeling, rather than a place. Altering one's lifestyle to working toward "home" instead of "house" and the unexpected effects of implementing said altered lifestyle.

Artist: Becky Cochrane
Twitter: BeckyCochrane
"Untitled (So Far)
Acrylic on unbleached muslin

These are seven panels (of potentially twelve to sixteen) that are part of a project I'm working on. Each panel is 9x18 inches. Since the project won't be completed until the beginning of November, it's possible that I won't be able to show the finished work or explain the concept on the Work of Art blog when everyone else's work is finished. But I wanted to show the work in progress because it will be what consumes a lot of my creative energy over the next couple of months."

Artist: Timothy Forry
Twitter: N/A
"The theme I chose for my final collection is Loss. At first, I chose this theme because one of my biggest fears is losing people that are close to me. So my first few pieces deal directly with that particular aspect of loss. However, I started thinking about all of the ways we "lose" things, ie: weight, keys, our clothes, virginity, etc... so I plan on expanding and exploring some of those aspects of Loss as well. To unify the collection, I plan on sticking to monochromatic or very limited color for each piece.

My first piece is temporarily titled Loss 1
Medium: Charcoal on watercolor paper
Size: 30" x 22" (Unframed)

Second piece is temporarily titled Loss 2
Medium: Pastel on archival paper
Size: 25.5" x 19.5" (Unframed)"


  1. I want to see more! Becky these are beautiful so far, can't wait to see what you do.
    Lindsey I'm intrigued by this and am looking forward to seeing how the collection develops.

  2. Timmy, likewise! Thanks.

    I'm lucky 'cause I get to see many of Lindsey's works up close and personal in progress.

  3. Totally digging the two whimsical additions of Kramer and Rhonda.

  4. I'm so excited about seeing everyone's final collections. It's gonna be awesome!!!