Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Final Episode: The Big Show (Challenge)

Hey, Work of Art followers! I am SO, so sorry that this post is extremely tardy. I've been swamped with travel preparations, a Pat Benatar concert, flying from Houston to Columbus, and playing softball in the World Series. I'm still in Columbus playing ball, but hey! I've found five minutes of free time and a mild Internet connection (thanks for nothing "Columbus Bar 41"), so that I could update this here website of ours. That said:

From Bravo: "The final contestants have been sent home to prepare a full solo exhibition. Climaxing in a large-scale gala opening, the finalists present their collections to the judging panel to determine “The Next Great Artist.”"

[See the full recap and extras on the Bravo site HERE]

Our challenge: Since the contestants were given three months to complete their final collections, I'd like to give us one month. And since I totally suck and didn't get this posted until way late, let's start our month from this next Monday, August 23rd. We'll make the due date Thursday, September 23. Use that month to create your final collection (as many pieces as you choose, as well as the theme of your choosing). To keep us on our toes, let's create a deadline for half-way through the month. So, Monday, September 6th, submit two pieces from your final collection along with a description of your collection's theme/inspiration.

I hope you're all inspired to jump on board for this final challenge. I can't wait to get home from Columbus to begin work on my collection. More so, I can't wait to see what you guys throw down. So dive in! Get creative! And have fun!

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