Friday, September 24, 2010

Final Episode: The Big Show (Sean Kramer)

From the artist: "After going to the Bayou City Arts Festival last spring, I was inspired by Audrey Heller’s Overlooked Undertakings. I wanted to use these ideas and take pictures for use in my boyfriend’s salon studio. The series is called “Cheveux”, which translates to hair in French. I wanted to show how everyday items in the salon can be pretty playful with these miniature models."

Battle of the Weave

Climbing to the Top

Death by Blowout

Gel Beach


Holy Bubbles Batman!


Sacrificial Brush

Time for a Trim

Waiting for the Subway Brush

We're on a Roll Girl

Cut and Comb 

 Sean Kramer lives and photographs in Houston, TX.  You can follow his work HERE