Thursday, July 15, 2010


You guys! This is awesome. One of our dear Work of Art followers was inspired by last week's challenge to exercise some creative writing. I love that!
I give you a poem, by the one and only, Michelle Gardner:

Rush Hour Houston

Four lanes across creeping, crawling
Slow progress
Lights outta sync
Strategic maneuvers
Seek the open space to get ahead
Right lane?
Mind the bus!

Wait, why are you braking?
Oh, I see. Because the car beside you braked…

Green light and most cars race forward
There’s always one
Keep up!
Don’t impede our progress.
Pay attention.
Move along.

Oh dear, is traffic interfering with your phone call?
Boo hoo.

Waddaya waitin’ for – an engraved invite to turn?
Red light
Open lane
Turn right

Two cars moving side by side
Finally one gives ground
Squeeze into the open slot
Empty lanes ahead…
Floor it
Fifty. Sixty-five. Seventy.

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