Thursday, July 1, 2010

Episode 4: A Shock to the System (Challenge)

From Bravo, "The artists are challenged to create a piece that is shocking and memorable, and speaks to issues that are important to them personally."

[See the full recap and extras on the Bravo site HERE]

Our challenge: Exactly the challenge posed to the contestants on the show. Create something shocking, memorable, and reflective of issues important to you. C'mon, show us what you got!

*Submissions due by Monday, 11:00AM to lindseysmo(at)gmail(dot)com.


  1. Hmm, five hits here since I last checked... I suspect that everyone else is hitting refresh madly to see the "Works" post. Get on it, 'smo! ;-)

  2. I JUST got home from Dallas. Sorry guys! I'm working on it RIGHT NOW. I blame the holiday weekend. Also, Margarita in a bag. Please don't stop loving me... okay... on it...

  3. Did you have time to finish yours? Liked the pieces you did for AuntA!