Thursday, July 29, 2010

Episode 8: Opposites Attract (Challenge)

From Bravo: "The artists are paired and must create works about opposing forces: Heaven and Hell, Male and Female, Order and Chaos."

[See the full recap and extras on the Bravo site HERE]

Our challenge: Obviously we can't be paired off, so let's (on our own) create works depicting opposing forces. Feel free to use one of the opposing forces given to the contestants on the show, or come up with your own opposing forces to illustrate.

As always, have fun! And get submissions to lindseysmo(at)gmail(dot)com by Monday!


  1. Here are some other opposing forces that were listed on the WORK OF ART Facebook page as suggestions:
    *City Mouse/Country Mouse
    *Dry & Desolate/Wet & Prosperous
    *HeeHaw/Masterpiece Theater
    *Spiritual Afterlife/Rot
    *Peanut Butter/Jelly

  2. Thanks, Brad. I like the longer list. I'm a terrible "contestant," as I wasn't even aware the show had a FB page.

  3. I came up with my own--and it's not on the list--but thanks for adding this, Brad, because it gives me ideas for possible future work.