Monday, October 24, 2011

Episode 2: Art Movement (Works)

So apparently Blogger hates .gif files and keeps effing mine up.  Click on the image above to see the moving file as intended.

Artist: Lindsey Smolensky
"If I'm to take inspiration from Parkour and the bustling of New York City, I think of a swirling mass of multiple movements, not particularly any singular motion.  Whenever I see anything that creates the "oil and water" effect I think of dance.  The fluidity of the constantly changing and evolving movement that dance provides.  I'm completely mesmerized by it.  To me it's the perfect example of a contained chaos, which, is exactly what the movement of Parkour simulates.  So I shot some time lapse photos of food coloring being added to swirling water and pieced them together.  Additionally, I wanted my background to give a slight nod to a brick wall: showcasing the relationship between the urban inspiration for the art."

 Artist: Marika Christian
"Dash is a dog that is always in motion.  You're thinking, "DUH, he's a Jack Russell..." But his "motion" is much more then that.  He loves to play catch with his Baa Baa, he is always ready to  shake his booty with a little doggie dancin'  - and our walks are fabulous.  Losing weight is hard for me,  I have food issues, but lately  it's been easier because of this guy -- we're both a little dedicated  and since I've started longer walks, and taking them in different locations I've lost 13 pounds.  So his motion keeps me in motion. His motion makes me lead a better life.  So thanks, Little Man ! "

Artist: Becky Cochrane 
"Title: Movement: Finding the Balance 
Explanation: I superimposed words over some of my older paintings. Using the shifting words and colors and the seesawing of the toy, I wanted to show how we constantly try to strike a balance with the competing emotions, stimuli, external forces, and experiences that keep our lives in flux. The song used in the video is Randy Newman's "He Gives Us All His Love.""

Artist: Kathryn Read
"Of course, I decided my inspiration for this week would have to be my daughter twirling baton. After taking some action shots of her at practice, the verse that popped out at me at Bible study that night was Philippians 4:9, which speaks of actually practicing the positive words I used in last week's project. I played with 4 of the pictures I took of Brooke and the baton in motion to come up with a poster.  You can catch a video of her twirling at the International Cup this past August on my blog."


  1. HEE!! Thanks for including me! I know I was late, but when I took the picture and looked at it ... I said LINDSEY! I doubt that I can do it every week, but this seemed perfect, although a little literal.

  2. Lindsey, that's totally mesmerizing. So cool!

  3. Love this week's submission. I hope this head cold doesn't keep me out of contention for next week!

  4. @Marika: I was so happy to see a submission from you in my inbox! Feel free to jump in any time! And I do love that POV of Dash. :)

    @Kathryn: Thank you! Is it weird that I kind-of can't stop staring at it?

    @Josh: No worries, just get better! Being sick sucks. XO