Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Episode 8: Sell Out

From Bravo: "Simon takes the artists on a field trip through the streets of New York City. After turning a corner, a row of empty tables and easels is revealed –- one for each artist. In the ultimate battle of commerce vs. "high art," the artists will work in teams to create a minimum of one piece of art that they must sell to the public, but that is also worthy of presenting in a gallery show the following day. The winner of the challenge will receive a cash prize in addition to keeping the money they earned selling their work."  Check out all the deets here.


Here's the thing for last week (Episode 8):  I really couldn't think of a way to adapt this challenge for us home participators.  Also, participation overall has fizzled.  One person submitted to the car challenge and offered to not be showcased here if no one else submitted.  I've also been dealing with some personal/health whatnots of my own and I'm less than enthusiastic about this season.  I think the timing is just way off for me (and everyone, it seems).  I'm certainly not quitting on you guys and I'll post a challenge for tonight's episode (promise).  And if you guys are still in and want to create something, then I'll absolutely post it here.  If not?  I'm in no position to judge you.



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  1. Just couldn't get my act together to do the mechanical challenge....yet! You've done a great job with this web site, but if it's easier on you, people could casually post their works on their own over here: I'm really wishing others would join me there as well!