Saturday, June 12, 2010

Episode 1: Self-Reflexive (Works)

Artist: Lindsey Smolensky
Twitter: Smoness
"A friend of mine feels and speaks of her Grandmother almost exactly the way I feel and speak about my Great-Grandmother. Her stories always warm me, so I chose to paint a portrait of my friend's Grandmother, "Neena.""

Artist: Jennifer Mathis
Twitter: JenXer
"My husband, Chris."

Artist: Rhonda Rubin
Twitter: The_Rhonda
"Inspired by my friend, Tim, whose home and work life intermingle, yet he manages to keep all his balls in the air."

Artist: Susannah Perry
Twitter: paintingchef
Hours in the Kitchen: "My grandmother was, among many other things, a caterer. And her kitchen is where we spent the majority of our time together. More often than not, by the end of the night, it was just the two of us and we were a mess. These are some of my favorite memories of her, glasses askew, covered in flour, cake batter and whatever other projects had happened that day."

Artist: Becky Cochrane
Twitter: BeckyCochrane
"I don't watch much TV, but I do have a favorite soap opera and a favorite soap villain. This is my fourth attempt at drawing him. I think he's classically handsome, with a strong jaw, piercing eyes and a square chin. He could be a hero, but those looks make him even more enticing as a bad boy."

*Click on the boombox to play*
Artist/Composer: Josh Newton
Twitter: marquis66
"It's a piece that I wrote for my wife, Jen. I tried to give it a noble or strong character, with a hint of melancholy which Jen said she really understood. I also wanted to try to play on her love of music boxes, and bring that into the piece. Not an entire portrait of who she is, but certainly one little aspect of her."

Artist: Sean Kramer
Twitter: N/A
"This is my boyfriend, Joey. During our photo shoot, I was trying to portray the fun and serious sides of him, but here all I see is him looking into my soul."

Artist: Brad Dumm
Twitter: N/A
"This is my partner Jose - we went out to the park last weekend and took pictures while we walked (you'll see his camera in his hand, too). Jose always has such a great attitude and is perpetually happy. I think he is totally inspirational. I wish I could be more like this."


  1. no reflection of anyone elses work ... but I knoew who was depicted in Rhonda's work right away. All are fun to see!

  2. Aww, thanks! :) I'm glad you're following, Marika. =)

  3. I've decided that any and all criticism of my work will be met with, "I don't feel that I need to explain my art to you, Warren."

  4. I'm dazzled by everybody's submissions! This is fun.

  5. @The Rhonda: Please don't glue quarters to our floors... I need them to buy more art supplies. ;)

    @Becky: So am I. Artists are awesome. Period.

  6. I have to confess I am really liking the show ... although Nao kinda bugs me -- and I called the clwn painting very "JWG" right away.

    These are all very interesting and fun to look at.

  7. Nice work, guys!

  8. @Marika: Yeah, I'm digging the show more than I originally thought I would. I'm so excited about the upcoming episodes. :)

    & Thanks, Garry! =) I can't wait to see what these incredible talents come up with next.

  9. I finally watched the rest of the first episode online today and let me just say right here and right now... there are NOT going to be nude self-portraits of this painter in ANY form or fashion. I have FAR too much respect for you all to subject you to that.

    I am both intrigued and nervous about the direction of the challenges. Perhaps it was just reality-tv editing but it looked like things were taking a very dark and twisted turn...

  10. @Susannah: Need not worry, none of us are getting naked here. What you all do in your own homes (hey, no judgment! I myself like to paint naked from time to time) is totally all you. But here? We won't make you get naked. Now if there's a challenge to use a naked subject? Err... we'll play it by ear. ;)

  11. I have to agree. For one, the show is awesome. For two, this is a real hoot. Doing this in a "non-visual medium" is pretty challenging as it is, and I am both excited and scared crapless about the upcoming, more exotic challenges.

  12. Naked self-portraits? Sounds like Freshman year in college all over again.... :-S

  13. @Josh, I hope you were an art major. If not? I totally went to the wrong college!

  14. @Josh... Freshman year? Weren't we the late bloomer? wink, wink. (insert font of sarcasm here)